Amal Saad
Arts & Innovation
(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I have learned a lot from all the mentors and instructors. Diploma course was well-designed and it has all the important aspects for entrepreneurs. It will help me a lot in establishing my startup. In the end, I would like to thank IBA for providing us such an opportunity and to support us in our entrepreneurship journey.


Muhammad Hashir Fazal

(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

As an entrepreneur myself when I was taking admission in Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship, I thought I would learn few more things about running the business but I never thought this diploma will help me see things which I felt were trivial. I would always be thankful to all the faculty specially Sir Imran Batada and Sir Kashif Naji. Their guidance and teaching have taught me a lot. Whole idea was to get help in launching our product and I think these teachers and their knowledge helped us a lot in it.


Syed Muhammad Ibrahim Rizvi

(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

There are many decisions I feel great about taking in my life. One of them is taking admission in Diploma for IT Entrepreneurship in IBA. This course has taught me that while big issues are important but solving them and neglecting some trivial details which I considered has no effect are equally important. In the end I am grateful to have teachers and mentors like Sir Kashif Naji, Sir Omais and Sir Imran Batada who have made me see things which I never thought I could.


Imtiaz Ahmed
Group Account Manager
The Brand Partnership Pvt Ltd

(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

Pakistan is an emerging market and requires huge efforts to bring the international standards of IT Sector specially in Digital Marketing. I do believe that there is potential market in IT Entrepreneurship. IBA took an initiative & started IT Entrepreneurship diploma which enhanced my skills and also created the opportunities to interact with intellectual & startup business person. My main objective is to work beyond conventional ATL+BTL+OOH media and lead my own digital media agency.

This program will turn my dream into reality InshaAllah.


Shoaib Mukhtar Samtio

(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship gave me a new vision to connect business with technology and accelerate the business growth. The program has boosted me with leadership and team work to cope with any situation that was hard to deal for me in the past.The mentorship of Sir Imran Batada gave me the ability to see the future of entrepreneurship in new light.


Syed Muhammad Sadiq Zaidi
CEO & Owner
Symaz Company

(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

It was a great experience for me, the faculty was very helpful throughout the course. I made very good friends with a different set of skills. Teachers built the very basic foundations of the courses that can be mastered by practice. The knowledge and hands-on experience is the beauty of this diploma. The courses help me to achieve strength in different fields that are helping me in my business. Taking admission here was the best decision I made so far."

Recommendations for future Diploma, App Development should be excluded because it is very lengthy and those with less or no background of coding cannot do it. Brand Management course should be revised.


Tahira Abban Khatri
Textile Lead for 3Pc Unstitched concept
Khaadi SMC Pvt.Ltd

(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

Being a part of IT-Entrepreneurship Program was an incredible experience. It was well designed and helped understanding the basics of starting any venture. I personally learnt a lot, being a designer we are bound in our own shells and I never thought that I.T could be our solution.

Meeting people of all the ages and all the different backgrounds made a super excellent environment to learn and grow personally as well as professionally. I wait entire week to come to the class on Friday and Saturday and learn something new and meet our teachers and friends. I would like to mention the team of super heroes behind this outline are our very own teachers who made learning fun and interactive. Loved, loved my experience!



(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

The course was well-structured and planned out meticulously. Hands on training of the software was extremely beneficial to the point that I immediately implemented the info in my startup. Moreover the teachers were extremely helpful throughout the course and I never felt like I had to hold in a question from them. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to get a layman's intro into IT.


Beena Ahsan

(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

The IT Entrepreneurship diploma program, offered by IBA, is very well designed and all aspects to become an entrepreneur have been covered.


Jalees Rehman Khan
Founder of Cshop

(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

My biggest win from IBA IT Entrepreneurship Diploma is understanding how to create a business that is custom-tailored for me and that allows me to work in my entrepreneurial zone; to transform my idea/solution into reality.


Syed Bilal Ali Tirmizi
Mobile App Developer

(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

For me, Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship has been breath-taking and enriching. The environment not only helped me in imbibing knowledge about entrepreneurship but also in developing my overall personality.

My sincere thanks to all the Faculty members, Mentors and Colleagues for their support and altruism.


Abdullah Ammar
Graphic Designer

(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

Thank you for instilling the growth mindset. The foundation lay is going to be beneficial for life. I also start learning entrepreneurship on my own. It makes such a difference that how I look forward to life everyday. I am really truly thankful to IBA for making this diploma possible for us.