Making Data Analytics Successful in Pakistan’s Corporate Sector through Data Governance: A Complete Roadmap OnlineApply Now
  • Executive Summary

    Nowadays, the importance of data analytics can hardly be underestimated in the corporate world. From a voluntary (and not necessary) application of basic statistics in 1990’s, data analytics has evolved to include descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics with powerful weapons such as SQL, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, IoT analytics, Deep Learning, and Data Visualization. This evolution, although indispensable, has brought with it a complicated dilemma. The “game” of data analytics is actually played between the business team, the analytics team and the IT team/department. The rules of this game have remained largely de-standardized in the last two to three decades. Consequently, a large number of analytics projects have failed in major industries with other problems such as improper resource utilization, monetary losses and un-optimized management practices.

    More recently, the field of “data governance” has evolved to standardize the data analytics process in corporate sector. This 1-day workshop is all about data governance. It is particularly targeted towards Pakistan’s corporate sector, for implementing a data governance initiative and ensuring the success of any type of data analytics activity. The core elements of the workshop will focus on the rules for forming and managing a data governance council, methods for implementing the governance at the grass root level in the industry, and selecting the appropriate tools for coordinating governance activities. The workshop will terminate with a generic roadmap for implementing governance and useful corresponding tips to ensure success of data analytics.

    A crucial point to mention is that data governance is a sub-category of the general domain of IT governance, which focuses on streamlining all IT-related activities in the organization. Considering the importance of IT departments in Pakistan’s corporate sector, this workshop will hence also discuss this streamlining process, and its relationship with data governance.