Amal Saad (CEO), Wolancer
Participant of Passive Investing Blueprint – Earn from home with Amazon Workshop

"Due to this pandemic and lockdown situation when people are sad and depressed. When most of the companies have started firing their employees. IBA started an opportunity to educate people about how they can work from their home even in this pandemic by providing online workshops.

This workshop was very fruitful as it had all the necessary aspects that one needs to start selling on Amazon. This workshop includes a complete understanding of E-Commerce business, setting up an Amazon account, understanding individual tax ID & corporate tax ID, product research – winning criteria hands-on experience using the tool (Jungle Scout), how to find a supplier, understanding Amazon FBA & Amazon merchant model, how dropshipping works, how to create your own brand on Amazon using private label, laws, trademark & copyright, multiple accounts setups, taxes, understanding investment & profit calculations and many more.

After successfully completing my one day workshop, I have started planning on how I can create my own brand on Amazon and start earning online.

Thank you, IBA for providing us this opportunity and helping out the people in this critical situation. I am hoping and looking forward to IBA for more amazing workshops and short online courses."


Qahafa Siddiqui (Finance Manager), Ain Savaree
Participant of Passive Investing Blueprint – Earn from home with Amazon Workshop

Great workshop! Very well done and very useful information delivered in an excellent manner. I would highly recommend the Amazon Workshop to anyone that is interested in improving their relationships with business skills."


Hassan Ahmed
Participant of Passive Investing Blueprint – Earn from home with Amazon Workshop

My name is Hassan Ahmed, I am currently working within my family business in sales and marketing role. My main objective with the Amazon workshop was to gain knowledge about the Amazon ecosystem and to understand how to develop another source of income by having an e-commerce store.

By attending the Amazon workshop it allowed me to develop skills and understand the most important part of Amazon selling, product research.

In the near future, I hope to develop a profitable Amazon business by going through the due process."


Aasma Jabin (Officer I.T), Pakistan Stock Exchange.
Participant of Workshop on Business Intelligence & Big Data Visualization

"Mr. Imran is very well prepared and excellent teacher. He taught us very thoroughly in short time. He is very nice and helpful. During my 2 days workshop, he, with his helping team, was very polite and this session was very informative."


Arooba Kamal (Marketing Manager), International Foundations & Garments Private Limited.
Participant of Workshop on Business Intelligence & Big Data Visualization

"Very well-organized and smooth transition in the software. Theory & practical concept was clear. Instructor was very helpful."


Mona Mehfooz (Commissioner), Sindh Revenue Board.
Participant of Workshop on Business Intelligence & Big Data Visualization

"A very useful workshop. I learnt about a variety of BI Tools. Such interactive sessions are good for senior managers as well as IT professionals. The lecture quality was excellent."


Zain Ali Khan (Officer RTAD), Pakistan Stock Exchange.
Participant of Workshop on Business Intelligence & Big Data Visualization

"Extremely informative & amazing workshop. We hope to participate in more workshops like this in future."


Ahmed Jaffer (Officer RTAD), Pakistan Stock Exchange.
Participant of Workshop on Business Intelligence & Big Data Visualization

"I really got a good knowledge of different BI Tools along with good understanding of them. Mr. Imran is a great teacher, he delivered really well. Good learning environment, good faculty, delicious food and much more."


Komal Shamim (Assistant Commissioner), Sindh Revenue Board.
Participant of Workshop on Business Intelligence & Big Data Visualization

"I feel much better being equipped with IT & analytical skills. The workshop was fantastic, very well-planned and all relevant concepts/tools were covered in just 2 days. An extremely worth-attending session led by an intelligent trainer."


Shafique Ahmed (Deputy Director) BPS – 18, SGA & CD
Participant of Workshop on Business Intelligence & Big Data Visualization

"Excellent session by Sir Imran Batada. It was a wonderful experience in a great learning environment."


Abdul Qayyum Pitafi (Statistical Officer) BPS – 17, Planning & Development Department
Participant of Workshop on Business Intelligence & Big Data Visualization

"The workshop was very much useful for me and my career. We are dealing with Big Data, therefore, these tools are very much advance and user-friendly for the visualization. The BI tools taught in this workshop are useful to enhance my expertise for government as well as corporate sector. I shall highly recommend my colleagues and friends to attend and learn these tools. All government departments should implement these tools."


Anila jafar (Statistical Officer) BPS – 17, Planning & Development Department
Participant of Workshop on Business Intelligence & Big Data Visualization

"Business Intelligence and Big Data Visualization is an excellent training program for researchers. Especially, the style of teaching of Sir Imran Batada is extra-ordinary. I really enjoyed it!"


Hafsa Khalil (Statistical Officer) BPS – 17, Planning & Development Department
Participant of Workshop on Business Intelligence & Big Data Visualization

"The course covers all the pre-requisites and carries all the topics. The trainer was well-prepared. In short, it was very informative and highly satisfied. "


Rabia Muhammad Ali (MEO) BPS – 17, Planning & Development Department
Participant of Workshop on Business Intelligence & Big Data Visualization

"The session was very interesting and our teacher (Sir Imran Batada) delivered his lectures with sincerity and dedication. Although, I don't have IT background, still the session was very helpful and guided me so well that I start thinking that I can do it on my own after some practice. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity of learning!"


Sajid Hussain (Statistical Officer) BPS – 17, Planning & Development Department
Participant of Workshop on Business Intelligence & Big Data Visualization

"Sir Imran Batada is a very good trainer and I enjoyed this course a lot. I will recommend other statisticians as well to attend this workshop."


Ghassan Abdul Haleem Baksh, Brand Manager – Digital Marketing, DANY Technologies
Participant of Diploma in Digital Marketing

This is an excellent program. A good collection of teachers and knowledge. Great knowledge shared in the time period of 4 months changed my perception of digital marketing and taking home some great insights.


Huzaifa Akbar, Content Executive - Vectrocom Private Limited
Participant of Diploma in Digital Marketing

It was a great learning experience here, faculty of IBA is very cooperative, specially Sir Imran Batada, a great leader, a great mentor. Also, Sir Asif Iqbal, Sir Mizyal Wahid & Sir Asim Rashid who taught me very well. I hope, I will join IBA for more courses and will recommend to my friends also.


Sindhu Rahupoto, Marketing Officer - Ajinomoto Lakson Pakistan
Participant of Diploma in Digital Marketing

This Diploma has been wonderful experience for me. I have learnt a lot from this diploma specially from the digital perspective. The skills I know how going to help me a lot in my professional life. I will recommend people who are interested in marketing should definitely take this diploma to enhance their skills.


Dilshad Ali Khan, General Manager - Integration Works
Participant of Diploma in Digital Marketing

It was a great experience to be the part of IBA – Diploma. No doubt, it is the best institute in town. Digital Diploma the right choice of the time. It has a lot of penetration in industry.


Wajiha Naz Soharwardi, Social Media Executive / Journalist - Council of Pakistan Newspaper Edition (CPNE)
Participant of Diploma in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is no doubt emerging field in current scenario. If any organization, doesn't have digital existence than it seems like they are accurately not existing anywhere in market. This diploma helps me out to mark any organization to exist digitally as well.


Syed Hamza Majid, Team Manager Operations - FoodPanda
Participant of Diploma in Digital Marketing

It was a great opportunity overall. I have learned a lot from this diploma. All the teachers were amazing and highly qualified. I would love to join some other diploma in this organization because it helps us to grow in our particular field.


Hamza Abdul Mateen, Associate Software Engineer - TPS Worldwide
Participant of Diploma in Big Data Analytics

Coming from CS Background, I didn't expect much but I was wrong. I got to explore a whole new world of data and what can I do with it.


Ahmed Niaz, Senior Consultant - KPMG
Participant of Diploma in Big Data Analytics

It was certainly an interesting course with respect to covering a lot of analytical concepts within a short period.


Ateeq ur Rehman Malik, System Analyst - Muller & Phipps Private Limited.
Participant of Diploma in Big Data Analytics

It is very informative course in terms of knowledge. Data Source is the key to the future. One should definitely indulge in it to improve its profile.


Sara Noor, Senior Quality Analyst - Ideal Autonetics Private Limited
Participant of Diploma in Big Data Analytics

It was a good exposure as a whole. Teachers and colleagues meant to be a networking source. This course opens up new horizon.


Stafford Aslam Perwaiz, CEO & Founder - Staffshaw Private Limited
Participant of Diploma in Big Data Analytics

It was a detailed and informative course. A beginner like me having an intermediate grip on the industry. Strongly recommended.


Khurram Shaikh, Manager Business Intelligence - MBL
Participant of Diploma in Big Data Analytics

It was nice to be a part of this course. I would definitely recommend my peers for this course.


Muniba Mazhar, Manager - K- Electric.
Participant of Diploma in Big Data Analytics

It was a great learning experience in diploma program. It helped me big time in my day to day professional activities with specific focus on Data Visualization.


Noureen Aziz, Business Development Executive, Crystal Pvt. ltd.
Participant of Diploma in Digital Marketing

The diploma in Digital marketing was an amazing journey throughout it was an informative course. I would like to thank Sir Asif Iqbal for sharing his immense knowledge with us. He actually made us start our own startup. I would like to thank IBA for connecting us with such great mentors like Sir Asif Iqbal & Sir Imran Batada.


Felicia Fatima Regina Dlima, International Business Development Executive, Crystallite Pvt. Ltd.
Participant of Diploma in Digital Marketing

My journey at the Diploma in Digital Marketing has been a rollercoaster ride with immense knowledge that has been very helpful for me in my professional life. I would like to thank IBA for giving us a mentor like Asif Iqbal, because of him today I have setup my own business & would also like to thank Sir Imran Batada for teaching us a course like data analytics that is the future. Thank you so much.


Anum Hasan, Digital & Marketing Communication Executive, DHL Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.
Participant of Diploma in Digital Marketing

Overall it was a great experience doing this course at IBA. The faculty has been very helpful and guided us throughout these four months, giving us complete knowledge of the Digital Marketing World.


Darakhshan Roohi
Participant of Diploma in Digital Marketing

The class was really great. It was extreme, detailed and well delivered. We were trained diligently and thoughtfully by instructors who were expert in their fields.


Adnan Muzzaffar, Head of PMO, Euronet Pakistan
Participant of Diploma in ERP

This diploma in ERP is very important course, IBA offered three best domains in one diploma, and on top of it, is the best industry experienced faculty, we have not only get the knowledge of overall business cycles but a good command on industry best systems, very effective course. Well done!


Mustafa Jahangir, Manager IT, Pakistan State Oil
Participant of Diploma in ERP

I found this course to be very effective given the fact that there is a great importance ERP system for any business to survive and thrive. This course covered the strategic level importance of ERP systems as to how these systems enable better business performance, ensure effective controls and provide real-time decision making capabilities using business intelligence solutions.


Kashif Iqbal Ghazi, General Manager – Projects - K - Electric
(Participant of Diploma in Big Data Analytics )

The Big Data Analytics Course offered by IBA has quite a comprehensive syllabi catering to your individual needs - whether you require to get updated about the buzz word of Big Data or you are contemplating a career in Data Science. But this course is not for the faint-hearted since the faculty members ensure that you receive individual attention in addition to the immense help that you receive from your course mates.

The course was quite a mouthful for myself since I intended a to learn Machine Learning for a specific project of mine. Needless to say, I am now equipped to complete the same.


Ashfaque Ahmed, GM & Head of Technology- EFU Life Assurance Limited
(Participant of Diploma in Big Data Analytics )

Learning of this cutting edge technology which will drive our futures was an amazing experience. Especially hats off to our instructor who drive the course in a well-planned manner. I was excited when joining this course to learn how to play with data and now I am enjoying while playing with data and getting results. I would like to thank IBA for providing such an opportunity and making this hands-on learning experience possible.


Ahsan Memon, Sr. Artificial Intelligence Architect - Renesis Technologies
(Participant of Diploma in Big Data Analytics )

"Big Data Analytics has been a wonderful addition to my repertoire of Machine Learning and large-scale Data Management skills. Its contents and the practice-oriented structure and has opened floodgates to entirely new set of possibilities yet to be tapped in the Pakistani market."


Lyod Suleman, Research Analyst - Institute of Business Management
(Participant of Diploma in Big Data Analytics )

In today's dynamic setting, data regarding any subjective domain has become the new gold mine. In such a case, mastering the techniques and methods to extract, configure and analyze different data sets has become an important skill to acquire. Coming from a finance background, I was already equipped in the skill of analyzing large financial data sets. However, I continuously sought further platforms by means of which I would enable a faster and more efficient process of data analysis. During my research of such potential programs, I came across this comprehensive Diploma in Big Data Analytics. This Diploma offered me the Opportunity to get firsthand knowledge and to learn the application of machine based analysis within the financial industry but also of other diverse industries. Moreover, a highly skilled and learned Faculty base along with a friendly classroom environment enabled a smooth transition of this comprehensive knowledge base. I personally had a wonderful learning experience and would highly recommend this diploma to anyone looking to hone their analytical skills by virtue of advanced technological software.


S M Hasan Adil, MSc. Big Data Science from Queen Mary
(Participant of Diploma in Big Data Analytics )

Thanks again for a great class. It was challenging, but I learned a lot. This has been such a valuable course for me, both academically and personally.


Saira Iqbal
(Participant of Diploma in Digital Marketing)

The Diploma course has given us good learning.

Teachers like Mr. Imran Batada, Mr. Mizyal Wahid and Mr. Asif Iqbal were kind enough to teach us things that were of importance and are worth learning.


Syed Moin Ali
(Participant of Diploma in Digital Marketing)

It was a great experience studying in digital marketing diploma program at IBA.

I got countless insights about the digital marketing industry and its trends, different strategies to market product and services.

The Teachers, Staff and Coordinators were really understanding and helpful specially program director Mr. Imran Batada which guided us really well.

I would like to wish Good Luck to them!


Atir Abrar Zuberi
(Participant of Diploma in Digital Marketing)

I enrolled in Diploma for digital marketing almost 4 months before. Before this course I was not aware about a single aspect of digital marketing tools like what is keywords? what is SEO? How to design a website as per SEO standard? How to run a campaign on Facebook?

From this diploma I learnt a lot regarding all aspects of digital marketing that how can I make my marketing strategy more efficient by using right digital tool at right time.

The major achievement is PowerBi software which I learnt in data analytics course. Through this software i can easily interpret ate my real data in graphical format with in a seconds.

Wishing IBA a good luck for their coming batch.


Shaheryar Brohi
(Participant of Diploma in Digital Marketing)

I made a right choice by opting for Diploma in Digital Marketing at IBA. The kind of interest in imparting knowledge by our teachers was commendable as everyone of us now specializes in one or the other subject. I personally see myself as a Data Scientist in future as Sir Imran Batada’s course Data Analytics has brought the best out in me and that’s all due to his interest and belief in my capabilities. The course selection is speed to market as I learnt a lot in Social Media Marketing and applied the same practically during my Industry Project under the supervision of Mr. Asif Iqbal who has helped and mentored me at every step of the project. And finally a big shout-out for Mr. Mizyal Wahid, Mr. Kashif Nagi and Mr. Muntazir Haider for their dedication in imparting knowledge during this diploma course.


Muhammad Junaid
(Participant of Diploma in Big Data Analytics)

"IBA took the initiative of starting diploma at the very appropriate time when the field of Big Data is emerging in Pakistan with certain companies having already taken big data initiatives.

My motivation as an accountant cum auditor was to explore this field and have some hands on experience to be able to apply that practically to ease and add more value to my analysis and reports that we prepare for Senior Management and the Board.

This course introduced us to a world beyond MS Excel. For data cleansing and ETL in R to presentation in power BI and then taking further to predictions in machine learning, it was all in all a good package."

I would thank Sir Imran for his overall support throughout our course in addressing our concerns and making sure that we achieve the diploma objectives.


Umair Ismail
Deputy Chief Accountant, Pakistan Petroleum Limited.
(Participant of Diploma in Big Data Analytics)

There is a lot of buzz around the Big Data in the industry. As a finance professional, navigating the entire technologies used in the Big Data was impossible for me without a proper structured certification. The Big Data Diploma offered by the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) is a unique as well as methodical program. Unlike majority of similar programs, IBA does not focus on a particular solution or technology instead it provide a holistic overview of almost all technologies relevant for this discipline. Therefore, this certification has made me a solution focused data scientist instead of a specific technology or domain professional.


Muhammad Hussain
(Participant of Diploma in ERP)

The diploma in ERP system enhance my knowledge & practical skills very positively, 80% of the classes has Labs & hands on exposures of the ERP systems. The new things I learned are as follow:
The use of open source ERP systems/ Software & the integration of various systems in an organization.
SAP functional user of Financials & MM module.
I have learn to take some initiative to implementation of Oracle R12 application from the scratch through out the configurations.
I highly recommended to take this course to those, who plan to start or switch their careers to ERP implementations & need some exposure of top tier ERP systems like SAP & Oracle (applicable if IBA not modify the course outline of the course "Diploma in ERP Systems")


(Participant of Diploma in ERP)

The course was an excellent opportunity to learn and to elevate business infrastructure .The instructors have the right personality, enthusiasm and knowledge for this course, very easy to understand and they used excellent real life examples. There were non-technical and highly technical people in this class and they got us to understand each other. And last this is especially for Sir Imran, “Your class was something I looked forward to waking up to every Sunday! I appreciate your generosity and your authenticity with your students.”


(Participant of Diploma in ERP)

It was a great learning platform.
Four month was too short program for 6 enrich courses. All the faculty members are professional, but the way Mr Shams Zia lead the Oracle ERP was at its best. I wish the session video must be recorded and there must be a portal to view recorded lectures. Since all the candidate are professional, in case of missing a single class, candidate miss a lot to learn.
I suggest IBA should arrange and provide idesk for SAP program.
I wish the duration of course extended to minimum 6 months for each course. Or 12 month for all three courses. In such way we can deep dive ERP and become functional consultant in true means.


(Participant of Diploma in ERP)

As a student of diploma in ERP, I would appreciate the efforts of Mr. Imran Batada (Director – CICT) for providing such a platform to students and professionals for enhancing their ERP concepts and skills.
My experience as a student of ERP (diploma program) was lucrative, I have gained invaluable experience from ERP program faculty and I would also mention that the course content was well designed for individuals who are new to the field of finance and supply chain management.
One of the suggestions, I would give regarding the length of the program is to extend its duration from four months to six months for better learning outcome because sometimes it gets difficult to balance between work and study.
In the end it was a worthwhile experience and I’m thankful to my teachers for their genuine effort and effective teaching. Their practical experience in the field combined with their conceptual understanding of ERP was a major take away for me.


Amal Saad
Arts & Innovation
(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I have learned a lot from all the mentors and instructors. Diploma course was well-designed and it has all the important aspects for entrepreneurs. It will help me a lot in establishing my startup. In the end, I would like to thank IBA for providing us such an opportunity and to support us in our entrepreneurship journey.


Imtiaz Ahmed
Group Account Manager
The Brand Partnership Pvt Ltd

(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

Pakistan is an emerging market and requires huge efforts to bring the international standards of IT Sector specially in Digital Marketing. I do believe that there is potential market in IT Entrepreneurship. IBA took an initiative & started IT Entrepreneurship diploma which enhanced my skills and also created the opportunities to interact with intellectual & startup business person. My main objective is to work beyond conventional ATL+BTL+OOH media and lead my own digital media agency.

This program will turn my dream into reality InshaAllah.


Shoaib Mukhtar Samtio

(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship gave me a new vision to connect business with technology and accelerate the business growth. The program has boosted me with leadership and team work to cope with any situation that was hard to deal for me in the past.The mentorship of Sir Imran Batada gave me the ability to see the future of entrepreneurship in new light.


Syed Muhammad Sadiq Zaidi
CEO & Owner
Symaz Company

(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

It was a great experience for me, the faculty was very helpful throughout the course. I made very good friends with a different set of skills. Teachers built the very basic foundations of the courses that can be mastered by practice. The knowledge and hands-on experience is the beauty of this diploma. The courses help me to achieve strength in different fields that are helping me in my business. Taking admission here was the best decision I made so far."

Recommendations for future Diploma, App Development should be excluded because it is very lengthy and those with less or no background of coding cannot do it. Brand Management course should be revised.


Tahira Abban Khatri
Textile Lead for 3Pc Unstitched concept
Khaadi SMC Pvt.Ltd

(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

Being a part of IT-Entrepreneurship Program was an incredible experience. It was well designed and helped understanding the basics of starting any venture. I personally learnt a lot, being a designer we are bound in our own shells and I never thought that I.T could be our solution.

Meeting people of all the ages and all the different backgrounds made a super excellent environment to learn and grow personally as well as professionally. I wait entire week to come to the class on Friday and Saturday and learn something new and meet our teachers and friends. I would like to mention the team of super heroes behind this outline are our very own teachers who made learning fun and interactive. Loved, loved my experience!



(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

The course was well-structured and planned out meticulously. Hands on training of the software was extremely beneficial to the point that I immediately implemented the info in my startup. Moreover the teachers were extremely helpful throughout the course and I never felt like I had to hold in a question from them. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to get a layman's intro into IT.


Beena Ahsan

(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

The IT Entrepreneurship diploma program, offered by IBA, is very well designed and all aspects to become an entrepreneur have been covered.


Jalees Rehman Khan
Founder of Cshop

(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

My biggest win from IBA IT Entrepreneurship Diploma is understanding how to create a business that is custom-tailored for me and that allows me to work in my entrepreneurial zone; to transform my idea/solution into reality.


Syed Bilal Ali Tirmizi
Mobile App Developer

(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

For me, Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship has been breath-taking and enriching. The environment not only helped me in imbibing knowledge about entrepreneurship but also in developing my overall personality.

My sincere thanks to all the Faculty members, Mentors and Colleagues for their support and altruism.


Abdullah Ammar
Graphic Designer

(Participant of Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship)

Thank you for instilling the growth mindset. The foundation lay is going to be beneficial for life. I also start learning entrepreneurship on my own. It makes such a difference that how I look forward to life everyday. I am really truly thankful to IBA for making this diploma possible for us.