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Dr. Shakeel Ahmed Khoja


a letter from our HOD

I am proud to introduce Center for Information & Communication Technologies.

CICT mission is to bring the much-needed revolution in our academic and industrial sectors. We aspire to create a platform where we can provide HI-TECH training programs to the corporate and academic sectors in order to bring digitalization to Pakistan. Keeping our mission in mind, CICT has offered multiple training programs to date and we are ambitious that we will prove to be the pioneering beacon of the digital revolution in Pakistan.

Connecting Academia to Corporate

CICT’s core objective is connecting the corporate sector to the world of academia. We thrive in bringing digitalization through various Hi-Tech training programs for multiple organizations and industries. We are the bridge that connects enterprises to the digital revolution that is rising day by day in order to equip them to cope up with the high paced advancements in the digital world.

Our Vision

The Center for Information & Communication Technology (CICT) aspires to meet the highest standards of IT excellence required in pursuit of management strategies

Our Mission

The Center for Information & Communication Technology (CICT) is to provide excellent teaching and research environment specially in Information Technology to produce students/professionals who distinguish themselves by their professional competence, research, entrepreneurship, humanistic outlook, ethical rectitude, pragmatic approach to problem solving, managerial skills and ability to respond to the challenge of socio-economic development to serve as the vanguard of techno-industrial transformation of the society.

core values





our Trainers

IBA CICT aspires to provide high end training programs with industry experts who have so much more than just knowledge, to offer our trainees. Our trainers approach training strategically and by encouraging engagement in class, to reinforce existing skills and competencies so that our trainees become more productive. These competencies range from using digital tools for everyday tasks to mastering the latest digital skills.



Success is where dedication and opportunity meet and that is what IBA CICT looks forward to providing its trainees. Our aim is to provide opportunities to our trainees which widen their horizons for them in the corporate world. We unlock their potential and broaden their perspectives in the digital world.


The future belongs to those who learn more skills and stay diligent with rising trends. We at IBA CICT are determined to guarantee that our trainees achieve success in every aspect of the digital world. We have seen many successful candidates excelling in their respected fields and bringing revolution in the corporate sector over the years, and we are optimistic that all of our trained individuals will prove to be leaders to the digital revolution in Pakistan,