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Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Human Resource Research & Development Board (BBSHRRDB) proudly presents the Phase XV Scholarship-based program in strategic collaboration with the prestigious IBA CICT. This initiative aims to empower and nurture individuals in three high-demand and distinctive trades, fostering expertise and skill development.

Trades Offered:

1.Graphic Designing:

This trade delves into the realm of visual communication, equipping scholars with the creative acumen and technical skills required to convey messages through graphics. From conceptualization to execution, participants will explore the art of visual storytelling and design aesthetics.

2. Brand Management & Digital Marketing: 

In the age of digital dominance, brand visibility and strategic marketing are paramount. Scholars in this discipline will delve into the intricacies of brand building, online presence management, and digital marketing strategies. It’s a comprehensive program aimed at creating adept professionals in the dynamic world of branding and digital outreach.

3. Cyber Security:

Cyber Security is of utmost importance. This program will immerse scholars in the world of safeguarding digital systems and networks. From understanding vulnerabilities to implementing robust security measures, participants will be equipped to tackle the evolving challenges in cyberspace.

BBSHRRDB and IBA CICT to foster excellence and innovation in these critical domains, thereby contributing to the development of skilled professionals who can make significant contributions to the workforce and society at large.

  • Industry-Relevant Skills: Participants will gain practical, industry-specific skills tailored to the demands of Graphic Designing, Brand Management & Digital Marketing, and Cyber Security.
  • Professional Growth Opportunities: Successful completion of the program opens avenues for career advancement and increased employability in high-demand industries.
  • Employability: Completion of the program will make participants highly marketable in their respective fields, increasing employment prospects.
  • Career Advancement: Acquired skills and knowledge will open doors for career advancement opportunities, allowing participants to climb the professional ladder.
  • Contribution to Innovation: Graduates will contribute to the innovative landscape of their industries, driving progress and excellence.
  • Networking Opportunities: Engage with industry experts and fellow scholars, fostering valuable connections for future collaborations and career prospects.

Required Documents:

To be eligible, ensure you possess the following documents:

  1. You must have Sindh Domicile (Original)
  2. All Educational Documents (Original) for the verification
  3. CNIC(Original)
  4. Electricity Bill (1)
  5. Pay Slip

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Minimum Qualification Intermediate
  2. Age must be  between 18 to 35

If you do not submit the required documents you are disqualified from the program.

BBSHRRDB Selection Process:

  • First step   ——————– Document Verification & Identification of Shortlisted Candidates
  • Second Step —————– Scheduling of Interviews
  • Third Step ——————-  Conducting Final Interviews
  • Fourth Step —————–  Submission of Original Documents as provided Timeline
  • Fifth Step ——————–  Orientation Ceremony
  • Sixth Step ——————– Commencement of Classes
  • Seventh Step ————— Disqualification for Abnormalities, Attendance Problems, or Documentation Failure