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The Digital Marketing diploma aims at providing training to wide range of professionals

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The Digital Marketing diploma aims at providing training to wide range of professionals. Being cornerstone certification, the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing can give you the exposure to digital marketing specialists, from Social Media Marketing and Mobile Marketing to PPC Marketing, Email Marketing, and SEO. People who are looking for change in direction in their careers or the marketing newbies who want to make the switch to digitalization can take benefits from this diploma.

Key Features:

Digital Advertising: 

  • Promoting products/services on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Part of digital strategy for online customer engagement. 
  • Includes paid advertising. 
  • Course covers strategy, ads, and performance assessment.

Performance Metrix & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): 

  • Ways to track and evaluate success and progress.

SEO and WordPress:

  • Boosting Online Visibility through SEO.
  • Elevate website ranking in search results and draw organic traffic by optimizing content and structure for search engines like Google.
  • Widely-used CMS with built-in SEO advantages, enhancing search rankings effortlessly.

Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC):

  • Advertisers pay per click on online ads.
  • Drives targeted traffic to websites.
  • Generates leads and sales effectively.

Automated Email Marketing:

  • Software sends scheduled marketing emails.
  • Targets subscribers.
  • Trigger-based automation for timely communication.

Live Project

Create and execute a social media campaign for your own business focusing on Instagram and Facebook platforms, emphasizing visual content and engagement tactics.

  • Employability Boost: Certifications enhance job prospects and demonstrate expertise to potential employers.
  • Strategic Skill Set: Develop strategic thinking for impactful campaign planning and execution.
  • Credibility: Gain industry recognition and trust as a proficient social media marketer.
  • Effective Campaigns: Manage successful campaigns that drive engagement and conversions.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Analyze metrics to optimize strategies and achieve better ROI.
  • Business Growth: Contribute to revenue growth by expanding brand reach and customer base.
  • Adaptability: Stay relevant by staying current with evolving social media trends.
  • Networking: Connect with professionals, opening doors to collaborations and partnerships.
  • Freelance/Consulting: Offer services independently, providing flexibility and income potential.
  • Entrepreneurship: Apply skills to launch and manage social media-driven ventures.

Enrollment Fee

  • Upon enrollment, a fee of Rs. 1500/- is applicable.
  • Upon receipt of the enrollment fee, the date for an on-campus test/ interview will be scheduled & informed via email.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be notified of their selection through email.

Program Fee

  • Program fee PKR 125,000/- (excluding SST), is required to be submitted prior to the commencement of classes.
  • A special incentive of 15 % discount is available for those who choose to pay the full program fee in advance.

Installment Plan

-We provide a flexible installment plan that consists of three payments:

  • The initial installment amount is 50,000.
  • The second installment amount is 40,000. and,
  • The third installment amounts to 35,000.

Program Duration

  • 4-Months program
  • Scheduled as a weekend program, classes are held on both Saturday and Sunday.


  • Saturday: 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Eligible Criteria

  • Graduates are preferred.

Student Policy

  • It is essential for program participants to fulfill the requirement of clearing the program fee.
  • Non-compliance with fee payment may result in termination from the program.

Asif Iqbal is a Serial Entrepreneur and Growth Hacker, who has been working since 2001 in the Digital Media Marketing & Advertising Industry. He is currently leading a digital marketing agency in Pakistan and is also Chairman of the Advisory Board at Digital Marketing Association Pakistan. He has been associated with IBA University since 2019 as Visiting Faculty. Asif Iqbal has been providing digital marketing training since 2003 and he has been associated with Multiple Universities as Visiting Faculty since 2010 and trained over 16000 digital marketing professionals worldwide, most of his trained students are now leading their own Digital Marketing Agencies, and he is an international trainer, who has also conducted training & workshops in various countries around the world. He has worked for State Bank, GEO Network, ARY Network, TCS, Pakistan Navy, Lotte Chemical, Rizwan Moazzam, Phone Book, Pukar Foundation, and Tradekey.

Resham J. Rajper is an MBA and has been in the field of teaching and training for the last four years. She has been associated with multiple programs and universities. She has worked with different brands on their social media management and their strategies. Resham J. Rajper as a trainer has played a key role in the launching of multiple startups on different digital platforms and has trained entrepreneurs, working professionals, and students. She has trained 500 plus people and has many of her.

AHSAN AGHAI is a digital marketing professional having almost a decade of experience with a diverse skill set and a wealth of knowledge in a variety of digital marketing channels, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, performance marketing, and content marketing. Working with a variety of industries i.e. from consumer electronics to Nutraceutical and Health & Wellness has a strong understanding of tailoring marketing strategies to the targeted audiences by utilizing different marketing channels effectively. He holds an MBA in Marketing from Hamdard University and also earned certifications in Digital Marketing from both Google and Facebook.