About CICT

IBA Karachi being the most renowned business school in Pakistan's educational sector qualifies to facilitate its students with academic transitions - It is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning and research, and to developing future leaders of Pakistan who would make a global difference in all walks of life in the future. Established in 1955, IBA Karachi offers an unparalleled student experience as it serves as a meaningful platform, with the establishment of CICT department that contributes to exploring and imparting education to students around the world, especially in Pakistan.

As known its name, Center for Information & Communication (CICT) offers courses within the domain of Information Technology. It aspires to build capacity of its students and inculcates among them professionally required IT skills. The prime objective of CICT is mere dedication to the pursuit of excellence across a broad spectrum of academic environments. The focus primarily remains on an educational innovation; advancing technical knowhow, equipped with practical trainings for the students to learn, whilst also educating them in other relevant areas that will best serve the nation. In addition, IBA not only enhances the skills of the students but also attempts to develop IT entrepreneurs.

How we Do it?

IBA CICT offers the following:

Over the years, programs of IBA – CICT aims to develop innovative projects with the public sector and have trained government employees in various courses so that they can serve the common man in the best possible way and provide solutions to some of Pakistan's most daunting challenges.