Dr. Huma Baqai conducted project presentation in Digital Marketing

Sunday, 2nd January 2022: Dr. Huma Baqai conducted 'Project Presentation' of the course of "Introduction to Digital Marketing | Communication in Digital age" of the Diploma in 'Digital Marketing' at IBA City Campus. Being the mentor and teacher of the course, Associate Professor of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts, IBA Karachi Dr. Huma Baqai observed all the presentations.

The Digital Marketing diploma aims at providing training to wide range of professionals. Being cornerstone certification, the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing can give you the exposure to digital marketing specialists, from Social Media Marketing and Mobile Marketing to PPC Marketing, Email Marketing, and SEO. People who are looking for change in direction in their careers or the marketing newbies who want to make the switch to digitalization can take benefits from this diploma.

Here are the startups who presented:

Startup-1: Girl power
Topic: Women Pret Wear

Startup-2: Digi Bites
Topic: Ai Humanless Service - Fast Food Chain

Startup-3: Wearamyra
Topic: Women Pret Wear

Startup-4: Hasan Muneer Photography
Topic: Hasan Muneer Photography

Dr. Huma Baqai conducted project presentation in Digital Marketing